Organic Turnip

Kilikya Organic Turnip; according to the organic farming only Ereğli in Turkey are produced from black carrots grown in the province. The effect of black carrot size used in turnip production on turnip quality.


Kilikya Turnips offer a wonderful drink experience created by black carrots. Turnip, black carrot, bulgur, water combination with a three-stage fermentation process obtained in a unique drink.

Grape Vinegar

Kilikya Grape Vinegar is an indispensable food for health with innumerable benefits that give a taste to salads and pickles. It has high antioxidant content.

%100 Pomegranate Sour

Kilikya Pomegranate Sour is preferred because of its taste and intense consistency of pomegranate sauce which adds flavor to Turkish cuisine. Pomegranate juice can be used in barren, raw meatballs, mushrooms, grapes and whole salads.

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