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In 1957, he started his commercial life in “Hatay City Iskenderun  province’’ by selling wholesale and retail products of Zahire and Cereal by Mehmet Nas.


In 1988, Salahiddin and Fariz Nas took over the management and renewed its name to Nas Ticaret. In addition they started selling a variety of cereals, the product range and customer base have been expanded with biscuits, chocolates, oils, cleansings, cosmetics, Soaps and  paper group products.


With the breakouts from the second ensemble from 1990, Salahiddin and Fariz NAS in partnership with NAS Gida & Ihtiyac Mad. Paz. LTD continued to be traded in this period and strengthened its number of personnel and distribution network.


The increasing dealerships in 1999 made it compulsory for these products to compete with one another and the rapidly growing business volume made it mandatory to establish a second company and in August 1999 the second company was SEFA NAS Distribution and Marketing Company Limited Was established.

SEFA NAS Distribution and Marketing Company Limited. Has continued to establish a new warehouse on the Iskenderun-Antakya highway by developing its storage and distribution units to provide the fastest service to its business partners. 175 m2 of cold air storage, 2.500 m2 of closed warehouse area and 500 m2 of administrative building were built on 12.000m2 land. Sefa-Nas distribution soon became the largest sales and Distribution Company in the provinces and districts of Hatay


SEFA NAS Dağıtım ve Pazarlama Ltd.Şti. increased its potential in 2000 and added Adana and Mersin to its distribution network and decided to continue its activities in the province of Adana. Salahiddin NAS started to distribute in the provinces of Adana, Mersin, Osmaniye, Hatay and provinces with its developing organizational structure and continued the institutionalization studies by passing Fariz Nas to the management of the company in Iskenderun.


In the middle of 2006; has acquired a new building that will provide excellent customer satisfaction that will expand it potential. The complex consisting of three warehouses and four store administrative units with a closed area of 18.874 m2 within the city center has been started to be renovated and arranged according to the institutional structure.


Since 2007, the growing staff has continued to provide the fastest and strongest service to its customers with its renewed technology. SEFA NAS Distribution and Marketing Company Limited is a company that also owns. SEFA NAS distribution marketing; the extensive dealer portfolio in its distribution complex is a contemporary and innovative company that distributes more than 3,200 customers with more than 5,000product types, professional sales staff and large distribution fleet.


Kilikya Şalgam  with the establishment of factory and start production in 2008 to Turkey and serves the production of turnip sent to the world.


In 2018, “Kilikya Şalgam continues to serve its customers with new visions through restructuring process and corporate identity studies.