Kilikya Balsamic Vinegar

Kilikya Balsamic Vinegar


Kilikya Balsamic Vinegar can be used in salad varieties (especially in cheese salads), in juicy meals, in marinas, in sauces, in grilled meats and fish. It is among the indispensable gourmet meals in the world.

It is beneficial for cardiovascular health. It cleanses the veins, smoothies the blood flow.

It is healing against all stomach diseases such as gastritis, nausea, stomach burning.

It solves the problems of indigestion and digestive problems.

It prevents the risk of getting diabetes. Sugar heals for the sick.

It cleans the stains that form on the bottom. It helps against acne problem.

Protect your body against external factors by strengthening your immune system.

When used regularly for 2-3 months, it solves the problem of cholesterol completely. The hormones are put in place.

Heal the Alzheimer’s disease. Because of the regulation of blood circulation, the brain has a relaxing feature.

Store in a cool place. Shelf life is 36 months.

Kilikya Balsamic Vinegar Sirke 500ml – Glass Bottle

Product Barcode: 8699036670527
Package Barcode: 18699036670524
Piece of Box: 12

Kilikya Balsamic Vinegar 1000ml – Glass Bottle

Product Barcode: 8699036671685
Package Barcode: 18699036671682
Piece of Box: 12

Energy and Nutrition FactsFor 100 ml
Energy (kJ and kcal)132,25/31,64
Fat (g)0
-Saturated fat (g)0
Carbohydrate (g)7,51
-Sugars (g)0
Protein (g)0,4
Salt (g)0


Grape Vinegar, Balsam, Colorant(E150d), Antibacterial agent  (E223), It contains sulfur dioxide.